Hours of Operation

Tuesday           CLOSED

Wednesday     2pm - 7pm

Thursday         2pm - 7pm

Friday          5pm - 10pm

Saturday     11am - 10pm

Sunday        2pm - 8pm

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247 Dicks Hill Pkwy
Mount Airy, GA 30563

Copyright © 2019 ETSL. All rights reserved.

ETSL® is a protected trademark and is dedicated to curate and maintain quality of this original format of gameplay. For info about upcoming ETSL events please check the Schedule page. If your field is interested in hosting licensed ETSL® tournaments/events, please contact us via email: info@etsl.technology


ETSL, Electronic Target System League is a computerized obstacles competition range.

ETSL range will test your speed, accuracy, agility and decision making skills. Shooters are placed in an interactive arena with electronic targets that register your hits and calculates the time resulting in a final score. All this done while the shooter traverses over, under, across and around obstacles. You must be fast but not so fast you make bad shots.